Hasco America is an Injection mold & Injection Moulding company, offering you fast and reliable plastic mold products, and plastic injection moulding service from our injection moulding specialists based in East Sussex, US. Because we have more than 35 years experience our professional service can be tailored to your personal requirements and we can provide you with the most cost-effective pricing available.

Our investment in purpose built premises in East Sussex allow us to use the highest quality injection moulding machinery to provide many global brands with the highest quality results. We offer a complete package for all your silicone and plastic injection moulding projects and we have the expertise to take your plastic and silicone projects from tooling design all the way through to distribution.

We mould in all ranges of materials and specialise in silicone injection moulding and plastic tooling. We can provide you with short and long production runs at highly competitive prices, which means that we can take on existing projects or develop and expand your new projects.

Our experienced design professionals can take your plastic and silicone product from concept to prototype and provide you with the all-important working design.

We will then take your plastic tooling to trial and develop your working tool and develop a complete production schedule and distribution. We can take the hassle out of getting your silicone and plastics product to your clients.

If you have a specific moulding project you would like to discuss please ‘Request A Callback’ by clicking here

If you would like to discuss our portfolio of work and view a range of samples we are happy to provide these.

Our software and expertise are capable of developing highly complex tool designs a sample of which you can see below.

Our Service
Plastic Tooling
• Tool Trialling
• Prototype Design
• Prototype Development

Plastic Injection Moulding
• Production Runs of any size
• Distribution

Silicone Injection Moulding
• Pad Printing
• Distribution